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A musing on the process of life

Hello, friends.

There is a reflective and golden quality to the sun and the leaves as they shift from summer to autumn. One last bit of shine before the colors become richer and deeper, and finally fall into the soft decay of winter. It mirrors the personal change that is upon me. Nothing unwelcome, just impending. There, too, is the golden glow of things about to come to an end.

Albert Einstein said, "Nothing happens unless something is moved." I love this quote because it is true of EVERYTHING in life. But some days, it is so hard to move. It's difficult to get out of bed, let alone progress toward something that affects real change in life. And yet, it all starts with that first movement, that first step.

As I think about where I am in my life--the upcoming departure of my youngest child, the decision to leave a steady and stable job at the end of the year, the possibility of starting a venture that is not guaranteed to be successful--there are bound to be questions. And there is a temptation to

crawl right back under the covers and hide where it is safe and warm. But at the same time, I don't want to be one of those people, living her little life, who looks back and wished I would have done it differently. At least my little life should be lived by the manner of my choosing.

If we don't change things ourselves, life will change it for us. And I want to be the architect of that change, not the reactor.

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