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Keep Moving Forward

As we begin to turn the page of the chapter that was 2020, I feel the need to reflect back on this bizarre and beautiful year. A very good friend of mine described this year as a "a whirlwind of shit with a few sparkles sprinkled about." That's about as apt a description as I've heard. For me personally, I went through some really tough times--saying goodbye to my dad, making the decision to leave my job, ending a relationship that contained some real beauty. But in the end life is about change. It's how we grow. Although the future growth does not make the present pain any easier to handle.

One exciting development is the upcoming release of my first novel, All This Was Mission. The journey to making it to this point began early in 2020 with the completion of a first draft, followed by subsequent phases of the editing process, and finally the pre-publication process. I've learned so much during this process, and am looking forward to continuing to expand my knowledge when it comes to publication and marketing. There is still much to be done--advertising, author pages, gathering endorsements and reviews, the book launch itself. I'm grateful for this new experience and its learning.

I'm also nervous about what's to come. While publishing a book is exciting, it's scary. As is leaving a job with no concrete plans for next steps. I'm confident in my abilities as a writer and a communicator, but the end of this year feels much like stepping off the ledge without being entirely sure where, or how, I'm going to land. And yet, that's what faith is--trusting that all will be okay without the ability to see very far in front of you. It's what makes life exciting and beautiful.

To anyone reading this, I hope whatever you experienced in 2020 was meaningful to you. I hope that you can glean some purpose from it and move forward stronger than you were before. I wish you all the best in this holiday season and send you warmest wishes for a healthy, safe and productive 2021.

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