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A Wild and Wandering Journey

March 29, 2023

When we offer words of devotion, gratitude, and supplication for and about our journey in life, we are connecting with our source and aligning our purpose with that of the universe. But words without a targeted energy of intention can evaporate into the air, as if they'd never been spoken at all. It's important to be aware of and ask for what we want in our roles as conscious creators in and of the world.

A Wild and Wandering Journey provides daily devotions and meditations on a number of common subjects and themes that meet us along our individual paths. This book also provides guidance and space for creating devotions, meditations, or poems unique to your own life's circumstances.

Self-care, self-love, and self-improvement are important for a healthy, rich and happy life. Whether you're looking for new age religion, prayers, meditations, spiritualty, personal transformation, or creativity to support your spiritual journey and growth, A Wild and Wandering Journey can help you identify and overcome negative thoughts and help you toward a more fulfilling life.

We all have the ability to create, affect, and offer healing for our own lives through the power of focused intention. May these words be inspiration for you to take the first steps in positively affecting your wild and wandering experience.

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A Wild and Wandering Journey: Latest Work
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