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S.J. Cunningham

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We Are Not The Same

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Publication Date: May 28


The rust belt town of Conway, Pennsylvania. An accident; a death; and five people who blame themselves and each other.

Megan Richards was on the precipice of doing great things. She never got the chance. Five classmates were involved in the events of that night. For everyone but Megan, life goes on, and time moves forward.


Conway is the same, but the five lives of those responsible have diverged. Until fate brings them together and forces them to remember the past, confront each other, and forgive themselves and each other.

Each must come to terms with the roles they played in the events of that fateful evening and the secrets they’ve kept in order to survive. Because twenty years later, those beliefs and secrets still threaten to destroy them all, in one way or another.

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March 29, 2024

Liza Ramsay is career-minded and driven. She has no interest in inheriting an ancient estate in Scotland. But when she finds herself at a personal and professional crossroads, a summons directly from the Chief of a prominent Clan in the Scottish Lowlands suddenly becomes more than just a curiosity. It becomes an escape.

When Liza arrives at the imposing Ramsay castle and its sweeping grounds, she’s thrown into an investigation of the death of a young local boy, along with a host of characters who all have motivations for murder. Even the castle’s ghostly inhabitants may or may not be intent upon creating deadly mischief.

As the deaths multiply and the castle’s mysteries are revealed, Liza uncovers the secrets of both the living and the dead.  And with time running out and a killer on the loose, Liza is in a race against time to make a decision about her future…before she’s the next victim and the Ramsay castle is lost forever.

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Writing Journey

With nearly two decades of experience as a professional communicator, S.J. Cunningham has had plenty of time to hone her writing craft and observe human behavior. In her debut novel, All This Was Mission, she puts this power of observation to good use, crafting a story that examines the difficulty of the human journey, the power of self-reflection, the importance of forgiveness, and the overwhelming beauty of the journey of life, which we all have the privilege to travel.

Sarah holds an M.A. in The Writing of Fiction and a B.A. in English Literature from Seton Hill University. She is the proud mom of three amazing children who fill her with joy, laughter and appreciation each day.

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